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What people say about our leadership and parental return coaching

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Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I worked with Georgie extensively on my development and specifically my readiness to take a significant career step. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Georgie is highly thought provoking. She asks great questions and triggers a set of thought processes which are more subtle and considered that just asking why. She introduced some frameworks and techniques to orient our conversation, but these were always used at the right time, and used lightly. It never felt like we were following a pre-defined method, or a textbook approach – I felt that Georgie was 100% committing her time and effort to me and making sure that she was tuning into how she could best help me. We worked through my confidence, my sense of role within the organisation, my working relationships and my position with my peer group. We also focused on how I could develop my own view on leadership style, and the role model I wanted to be to others. Anyone who meets Georgie will benefit hugely from her time and care. She was a pleasure to work with and I’m extremely grateful for the help she gave me.

Tom Roberts, Partner, Customer & Digital in Management Consulting

I have been working with Georgie for a few months now. What I find quite excellent in her approach, as with all really great coaches, is that she very quickly gets really to the heart of the issues that I am grappling with. That includes a much better understanding of what is important to me and how I can align that to the next stages of my career.  A gently but highly effective approach that is often very revealing and sometimes surprising!

Bernice McNaught, Partner, Transformation, Management Consulting

I recently completed a coaching series with Georgie and found it transformative. I cannot overstate how helpful she was in framing my thoughts and she provided exceptional balance of support and challenge. She has challenged me to be better and made me think hard about difficult situations. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Georgie.

Fiona Clinton, Director, Capital Markets, 
Management Consulting

My inability to switch off from work and let go was all consuming. In a warm and thought provoking way, Georgie helped me realise the impact of this - both at work and home - and implement rapid changes and new long term approaches to improve my focus and gain more time. My time spent with Georgie was incredibly eye-opening and valuable

Colin Brimson, CEO d-flo, Travel Consultancy

The coaching with Georgie has been an incredible support at a critical juncture in my career. She created a safe, welcoming and supportive space where we were able to tackle some challenging long-established beliefs and assumptions. Georgie helped me identify my strengths and to have clarity on what I want my next step to be. I am indebted to her.

Audrey Farley, Senior School Deputy Head Teacher (Scottish Education).

We also spend our time giving back through social enterprise coaching

In every interaction I have with Georgie I am always left impressed by her ability to listen actively, provide a great sounding board and really challenge a person's perspective. She is a fantastic coach with so much emotional intelligence that I am confident she can help anyone with whatever stage of a career/life that they may be at. I personally have benefitted from her support and understanding and really look forward to working with her again.

Faris Aranki, CEO Shiageto Consulting, Strategy Consulting

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Talk less, hear more

Teams tell us they want to generate more trust, debate and accountability.

The Listening Lab exists to help improve the quality of interactions with clients, teams and individuals. We build awareness, confidence and the judgement to know when and how to listen brilliantly, ask powerful questions and have purposeful conversations.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

What participants say:

"I thought I was listening before; I wasn't and I was so grateful for this reality check so early on in the programme"

“It is really empowering to know we can all have the ability to provide clarity for

someone else on something we don’t know much about ourselves through listening”

“I take confidence in my ability to listen and help solve problems - we had some

profound conversations even in our short practice sessions”

“I was scared of having conversations before if I didn’t have all the answers but it is

not actually about needing to know what to say or giving advice"

“Being listened to is really powerful. I usually think through things on my own but I

realise I get so much further when I talk to someone else about it”

“I know when to use listening more now and I can recognise when to use a pause to

help the other person think”

“People open up their thinking much more when you are truly listening - they share ideas

you never get to hear otherwise”

“I’m surprised by the power of my own thinking when I get the chance to be listened to”

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