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What needs to change?

Leaders are humans too, dealing with the same thinking traps, inner critics, competing demands and lack of time to think as their teams and clients.

Time to think is a priority if we are going to be better. We co-create the clarity, insight and change that can be so hard to access alone. We begin by defining what success looks like for you and working through coaching to unlock more of your potential.

We bring a range of behavioural and psychological schools of coaching, practical exercises, psychometrics and our understanding of your working world. Our clients tell us it's the best investment they've made in themselves.

Typically a coaching series is 6 x 1:1 sessions of 90-120 mins, in person or online. 

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More than you were before

It's easy to overlook the rich learning curve you've been on becoming a parent. While you were out of the business, you were developing qualities and skills that mean you're more than you were before.

Coming back is a big transition and having the support you need can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. We know the unique mix of emotional, practical and professional tensions for working parents. We've been there and we work with countless talented people like you who are at various stages of parenting.

It encompasses new ways of working, career focus, questions of identity and confidence, protecting healthy boundaries and more.

Parental coaching is typically 1:1 but can be via group coaching. A series is usually around 4-6 sessions, each 9-120 mins.

Group Discussion


What if you knew you weren't alone?

Group coaching offers a balance between 1:1 coaching and learning from and with peers. It's professional coaching in small groups creating space for individual and shared learning.

It works brilliantly for cohorts at a similar career stage (e.g. a group of managers progressing to the next level), people working on a similar development theme (e.g. finding commercial confidence) or an initiative connecting and developing talent across the firm (e.g. female leadership programme).

The commitment fused together out-lasts the coaching, with groups continuing to support one another independently. And they leave with new coaching skills to pay forward in their teams and with clients.

Typically a group coaching series is held with people from within your firm for 4-6 sessions, each 90-120 mins.

Working Together


How could your team be more effective?

Team coaching creates the conditions for your team to deepen trust, unlock innovation and generate accountability. We help build an environment that gets the best from all your talent on an everyday basis.  It may be a brand new team, an existing team or a team going through change.

Outputs include more joined up strategy, better quality team meetings, more honest conversations, greater inclusion, clearer focus, more innovation and increased trust.

We also collaborate with Listening Lab (by Think Perspective) which builds better listening in every room, every team and every firm. It's a perfect match with Rudd Coaching's ethos and expertise, developing brilliant listening skills for all. Find out more about Listening Lab here.

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Find out how we can help you

Interested in coaching for you or your organisation but not sure how it works or what to expect? Book a free, no obligation consultation where we can listen to what you're looking for and take it from there.

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